Weight Reducing Teas

Weight Reducing Teas

Weight Reducing Teas

Drinking teas for weight loss has some consideration. Although they  are extremely healthy these teas do not contain vitamins or calories. They can have beneficial laxative effects if you are using the blends designed to include this. The teas should not be drunk with sugar or artificial sweetened of course or you defeat their purpose. Teas are produced with a wide variety of wonderful flavors which make up for the loss of the sugar hit. Flavors such as apple, mango the various berries more than make up here. If you don’t feel like drinking green teas all the time for example, there are extracts which you can take for-on-the go benefits.

Another consideration re drinking these teas is that they reduce craving which is a cause of  snacking  This  will then eliminates the eventual binging or overeating that follows. So brew up a pot of one of these teas during the day and joy a soothing cup at any time

Rooibos Tea

This tea is from a very small area from the Western Cape in South Africa. Its translation is Red Bush for the bush that it comes from and is unique because it contains a powerful flavenoid called Aspalathin . This flavanoid reduces stress hormones that result in fat build up due to hunger cravings. It also reduces hypertension ans so is connected to cardiovascular heath.

Green teas

These are famous as health teas and cancer preventing agents. Combining the drinking of this with your other diet regime workouts results in accelerated weight loss due to the powerful compounds called catechins.  What happens is that these compounds trigger the release of fats cells from the belly area for energy processing in the liver

Matcha Tea

This is a green tea as above but with a difference. It has been drunk in Asia particularly Japan for centuries typically associated with the tea ceremony. Here specially harvested dry green tea leaf tips are ground into a powder and hot water is poured over them to produce a frothy beverage. The drink looks greenish because it contains chlorophyll. This has a detoxifying effect on the internal organs and to help weight loss diet.

  • Detoxifying
  • Anti aging
  • Cancer prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Heart health
  • Enhances and strengthens the Immune system
  • Reduces Cholestrol

This is because the tea contains L-theanine which is a fat blocker. Dr OZ has been quoted as saying that these compounds combine with the fat and prevents absorption so they just pass through the intestine. The anti cancer compound active in the tea is from the anti oxidant polyphenols which are present.

Asian Teas

These teas from India and China also contain catechins which are the cause for the elimination of belly fat due to their attack on the lipid fats. Use needs to be regular and studies have shown that candidates who drank these teas lost weight drastically. The studies were usually over say a 6 week period.

In particular black teas from India and China are very good for reducing stress and stress as we know is very often the cause of day long snacking which is the trigger for overeating and binging.

Detox Teas

These types of teas are in a separate category because they address the issue of detox. Metabolism is often shut down in the body because of toxicity build up with interferes in the bodies metabolic function and ability to burn calories . So here we have a resulting fat buildup. So by drinking these teas and detox of the body, the system comes back to normal  and the body can lose the extra weight and function optimally  .Because of the detox effect  there are other benefits.

  • Reduction in Bloating
  • More Beautiful Skin Condition
  • Appetite and craving reduction
  • Detox of the body system
  • Better Energy Levels for the Day
  • Better laxative effect
  • Better Sleeping and waking up

Mint Tea

Just as the smell of bacon triggers off our craving to have some crispy bacon there are certain smells that diminish our hunger pangs. One such scent is that of mint. Studies have shown that just the sniffing of mint regularly during the day was enough to cause a test group to eat less and to lose pounds of belly fat. Mint flavoring and the scent is well present in Mint tea and this is a good reason to enjoy this during the day.

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