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Body Mass Calculator

Body Mass Index [BMI] is a measure of obesity vs the height and weight metrics for men and women.

The schedules are different for each. You enter your height and your weight into the calculator and the Calculator indicates whether you are overweight or not. The calculator is calibrated for Metric or Imperial[USA] through giving out the BMI index. A table will show to what degree you are overweight.

It will not tell you if you are healthy or if you have excess belly fat. The table is sometimes adjusted for age or gender .

Based on the result you can then embark on a diet and or exercise regime. The diet regime could be backed up by health considerations and a weight loss motivation program to help one to reach ones goal.

Because everyone is built differently the BMI shows range normally between 19 –30, the higher value for those on the heaviest side of being overweight. The ideal upper norm is 25, so higher than this indicates as starting to be overweight.

Guide Only

This test is always only a guide as take for example a person who has big bones will be naturally heavier. So their muscle to bone ratio will be lower, while a body builder may have big muscles but small bones so that ratio will be the other way round. And in both cases neither may be obese. Generally there seems to be slightly different ranges shown as being acceptable.

Looking at this from the UK standards where the Nutrition Foundation gives a BMI of 20 – 25 as regarded as the healthy range, while The Foods Standard Agency as 19 – 25.  A BMI below 18.5 is regarded as underweight.  For the USA the Federal guidelines put out by the National Institutes is 19 – 25 for females and 20 – 25 for males.

The US Navy Formula Calculator

For a fitness assessment for recruits they put out a very interesting Overweight Calculator at this site []. It asks for inputs of: Gender, Weight and Height inputs . But then it asks in addition for these Measurements:

  •  Neck
  •  Waist

Then it outputs the following:

  • Body   Fat[%]
  • Fat Mass[lbs]
  • Lean Mass[Lbs]
  • Body Fat Category Assessment . ie “Acceptable”

[“Acceptable” would be the result for normal.]

This calculator goes in to further results of fat levels in a table for various body fat categories for  the categories :” essential”,” athletic”, “fit” and “obese” for men and for women separately.

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