The Venus Factor Diet

The Venus Factor

This is an exclusive weight loss plan  for woman by increasing your feminine metabolism and gives you long term excess fat loss.

Research reveals that you should never diet like a man, and that it is more difficult for woman to shed weight by the normal methods .

According to this program, this new released metabolism you   are able to eat your favorite foods and use your new released metabolism to burn up the calories.

This program has nothing to do with exercise regimes or packaged food programs or taking of diet supplements. It is a unique system which is new and well researched.

This system addresses the issue of hormones and in particular Leptin which is the key hormone for woman to burn excess cellulite and fat in particular belly fat. The higher the level of activated Leptin the better the fat burn is the formula.

The good news is that women have naturally more Leptin than men in their body but that there is a phenomenon called Leptin Resistance and this results in rebound after you try and diet or just keeping on the fat even though you are not eating much at all. This problem is also involved around the issue of so called “ bad genetics”.

The second problem is around the “ plateau effect” in dieting . This is because when woman diet their Leptin level drops and then this counteracts the dieting effort. And then horrible bubbly fat bounces back on even when you are dieting due to this plateau effect. You carry on dieting but it doesn’t help.

Another issue arises because of childbirth and the problem is made even worse. During this period woman naturally put on and extra bulky layer.

And this doubles the difficulty of losing the over weight which is always fat. Really woman are hard wired to keep on weight. So a different approach to weight loss is needed.

Metabolic Overide

This is the effect produced by this program of strategies which will transform  women’s weight loss problems and represents the future of weight loss progress for female fat loss. This approach overcomes the problems mentioned above. So The Venus System solves these issues

Venus Factor Diet Weight Loss System

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