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Treat this as an important endeavor. You can’t have weight loss  unless you believe in its importance to you. It’s like the Law of the Universe: “You get out what you put in”. Set your intentions and start inputting and don’t be half hearted about it. This is easily achieved by using motivation tips as trigger techniques to inspires and energize yourself. Be attentive to this endeavor. Even mini efforts add up to a lot. Remember the “Baby steps” So weigh yourself regularly. Keep a record and diary.                            Set reminders on your phone. Try and catch up with procrastination.

Set up a Determination to lose weight

Without setting this up and without a reality check of realistic goal of before and after weight loss achievement you are going nowhere. You do this with your life and your career, so why should this be different?  So many of these programs fail because they turn it into an alternative light fun eating program. You can be determined with a smile on your face and not being heavy. Just be real. You can’t just eat our way out of this. This is BS. We have to have a good fireside chat with ourselves and a reality check. It’s to do with a total holistic approach.


Losing those extra pounds is not easy for many of us especially in the modern world today where we are experience on a day to day basis great work and living pressures on the one hand, and great temptations on the other. So the equation is loaded to say things like “to survive I need to be easy on myself and take some comfort and chill out.” Check out what you mean by this. Is this really perhaps a personal confirmation to cop out . So it is very important to undertake some form of personal commitment to the system or goal. This gives more strength to the outcome. I mean we do it on a daily basis with things like our future and our relationships so why not to losing a couple of pounds of weight.

Of course we need not become grim about it. I mean it’s not surgery or anything like that. We can with strength or a “no big deal” approach take it on. We can even be light hearted about it. Do not leave out this step.

Use a System

If you are reading this and lightly picking a few ideas to try out here and there you will fail. This is never a commitment. To commit you need to take on something definite and stay and work with it for a period of time. Take on a system and give it a chance. Perhaps buy a course for a few dollars of some sort read it and analyze it. If it seems to your nature then keep it close to your heart and work on it . These structured systems can be as low as the price of a burger. Also there is a psychology involved . If you pay for something it has value. You are then most likely to nurture it and look to it for value as opposed to getting some throw away second hand ideas.


Stupid compassion

Put forward an internal feeling to match this goal, a slight firmness without stressing overly. With challenges you need to strengthen your intention. It’s not going to happen by itself. Be careful of stupid compassion i.e.  “I really need another days cop out again” This is playing out to the “Oh poor me syndrome.” Nobody dies because they called up a bit of internal firmness with themselves. Don’t make it a big deal but on the other hand one does not have to be stupidly kind all the time.


Encourage yourself continually. Talk to yourself privately and internally. Talk to yourself in the mirror. Coach yourself. It’s not a mad thing to do. Famous and the top successful people do. Look at the tennis players on the court doing it. It is VERY powerful. Why do you think the top performers, sport teams and high profile achievers have psychologists for. Motivation and self  belief generation. They charge big money for this. You can do this for nothing. Good Luck you deserve to reach your before and after weight loss goal achievement!

Health Outlook

Focusing solely on weight loss can be a drag, but really the other reason should be health. Consider this. Being grossly overweight is not only socially ugly and serves one to make one feel bad about oneself. But it is more importantly a danger to your health and shortens your lifespan. Its life threatening! The fat not only sits on the outside of your body but ends up in and around your internal organs. This is called visceral fat and produces stress hormones and products which cause inflammation lay you open to cancers, strokes heart disease and type two diabetes.

Many people especially those getting older are subject to osteoporosis. Load bearing exercises like even just walking can stop or even reverse this risk.


Gradually as you get into this there has to be a real understanding of lifestyle change here. If we have been chronically fat or obese then this is going to involve a lifestyle change which will involve changing bad habits which have made us fat or are even threatening our life, our livelihood an our family.

Take that break

On the other hand don’t be shy to take that break or indulgence when you feel you really need it. It’s a process of self learning and basic personal wisdom. How to play the firmness with kindness. Make it almost like balancing your game.

Set achievable goals.

I will lose 5 lbs this month. If you can’t achieve your goal don’t be ashamed to adjust it down a bit. Just don’t make it a big deal. Accept and reaffirm your intention. Remember these things take a bit of grit, but work on making it a smoother adjustment like a work in progress

Chart your progress:

See if recording your progress works for you This can be a chart which you fill in on a regular basis, or keeping a diary which you post to regularly. Make it in a way which is doable for you. I mean once a week, four times a month is not difficult. You can mirror this with the point given below. These two can reinforce your effort.

End Vision

See yourself in the future as looking in an internal image as slim, happy content and more peaceful.  Great achievers work with this future goal visualization


Be honest with yourself. Try and see your strengths and weaknesses and take these on as reinforcing the positive and co-opting the strong to help the weak without beating yourself up. Try and smile at your shortcomings and see them as areas to improve upon. Be your own kind mentor and benefactor here. Like a coach.

Small Steps

You can set small mini goals inside the framework so to speak. You know the expression. “Every long journey begins with a small step.”

I am not going to eat for another 2 hours. Work on extending these types of mini goals but do not make it grim. Be light hearted. I am not going to eat carb/candy just for today.

Mirror Exposure Therapy

This is a technique used to come to terms with your body image in terms of weight loss motivation. It depends on the individual and whether they are having issues seeing their own image in the mirror. So you need to use this in a way that you see as positive to your losing weight. You look in the mirror and can use acknowledgement of how it really is and use the reality to affirm you challenge to lose weight. Do this once or twice a day to gentle reinforce your goal.

Some people may find it difficult to see themselves naked, so maybe with clothes on is a more skillful way to start. Do this in the way that you find doable. But you must try to see your situation as it really is. From there you can get a real handle on the approach you are going to use.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Take up meditation or calming breathing. People eat excessively because they are stressed or feel low self worth. There is a lot in the calming practices of meditation or Yoga type breathing to defuse this and save yourself from another comfort bite of something. Try and be regular about this say 10 mins once a day and see if you can extend this. There is a separate section on this because it is so powerful for collecting your mind and making it less scattered.


It’s been often proved that ritual vs solely self discipline can work and is very powerful. So wearing something that has great meaning can convert into strong reminder and reinforce your conviction. Wear a special armband or necklace or T shirt with certain color or marking that you associate with the goal of before and after weight loss journey. Look at this touch it and reflect often during the day as a   confirmation tool. Improvise here with a few different ideas to use

Over the ages from warriors to citizens there has been wearing of lockets, bracelets talisman of very specific type to protect or inspire them. You can use this idea also to motivate your weight loss goal.

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