New Ideas 2016 Dieting

New Ideas – Dieting to lose that Belly Fat 2016

Low Calorie Diet Foods

This thinking has been reinforced lately, namely that sugar swapping is not such a beneficial idea  and  actually can be negative. Sugar replacement of sodas and low fat foods taken in large amounts trigger the reward centers in the brain which changes the way the brain reacts to this.  The satisfaction interpreted as for sugar no longer has as full an effect and will lead to greater craving for food in order to receive full reward.           This is also complicated by the brain recognizing that the energy intake has not been increased and so more food is again called for and this interferes in appetite control. There are also studies that are bringing in information that there may be negative interference in bacteriological function in the gut.

cabbage butternut fiber to lose belly fat

Fiber Revisited

There is growing evidence every time round of the increasing importance of good amounts of fibre in our everyday diet. Studies from Stanford University show that up to 97% of people are not eating their fullest amount of fibre intake. This lack of fibre intake leads to obesity and then on to disease vulnerabilities including type 2 diabetes and serious inflammatory and autoimmune related issues. At 15grams of fibre today we are eating only 1/10 though the fibre intake that our distant ancestors did  fibre is very important.

When we have a good amount of healthy gut microbes present these feed on the fibre and produce short chain fatty acids. These are absorbed in the bloodstream and then play a big role in regulating the immune system and inflammatory conditions.

Keep it Simple and Realistic

While the whole Health food industry has been pushing out and promoting the latest “must have” supplement or specially grown food, it has to be stated a lot of this is cloaked in hype and oversell. Keeping it simple and sensible and diverse are what a lot nutritionalists are saying. You don’t have to have omega 3 capsules very day when there is deep water fish available nor do you have to have multi vitamin tablets all the time if you are having a balanced range of fruit and vegetables.

In fact some doctors and diet counselors say that most of these supplements end up in the toilet bowl rather than our systems as they can be taken in excess of what we need. In other words the message is for eating real food and to be diverse, with a good range of unprocessed vegetables, fruits, pulses, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Good old fashion common sense.

  • Simple
  • Diverse Eating
  • Wholesome & Real
  • Unprocessed


lean protein to lose belly fat fast

The Protein Conspiracy

While we all need protein, the movement  from foods which are fatty and contain saturated fats to that which is lean has been with us for a while. The rediscovery of protein has perhaps been overdone. To be real here we need on average for women 45 grams and for men 55 grams of protein per day. The fact is that the average American man and woman is eating twice that. There is some argument that excessive protein can actually place your health at risk.                                                                             The oversell with protein that is going on now must be considered very carefully. Protein is being added to drinks, pasta formulated TV dinners and even in snacks foods. The popularity of specialty diets like the Banting and the Paleo diets is also forcing up protein consumption by peer pressure. Even though Americans are eating generally more protein than we need, we are being persuaded as a sign of the times to keep up to date to eat more protein.              We have to pay attention here that we are not overdoing this. We need to eat protein to repair damage to our cells and to regulate muscular and body growth and development. People who want to lose that belly fat are hopping up on protein intake in the belief that it is the silver bullet perhaps without clearly thinking. Maybe to cut down on calories and eat just the right amount of protein is the correct way to do it. If you overdo it then research has shown that:

  • You run a greater risk of developing cancer [Up to 400% higher risk]
  • You increase the chances of aging faster [By up regulating metabolism]
  • You increase the risk of other disease and organ stress and damage

Research has shown that to lose that belly fat, a normal diverse eating plan and watching you calorie intake will give you all the protein that is needed. Unless you are in the body building game these high concentration of protein supplements intake are unnecessary

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