Hints and Tips


Hints and Tips For Losing Weight Fast

Drink Water           

We need to be properly hydrated always so it always a good idea to keep drinking water. Do this straight away before meals .It will encourage your metabolism into thinking that you are less hungry and reduce cravings as well. Being hydrated also reduces cravings for things like sugary drinks

Which we know packs on the fat. Also lack of water leads to fatigue and low energy

Eat off Dark Plates

Eating off dark plates suppresses the appeal of food. This is especially true for the color blue or black which are considered to be a psychologically appetite suppressing colors.  Also choose smaller plates with less likelihood of taking more food in at a sitting.

Be More Active

Get Outside more. Some sort of exercise activity is essential to losing weight. Do anything. Walk a dog for somebody.

Have a Glass of Wine

Yes this is a truth. Being on a weight losing program is not about being in total denial and misery. It’s about some good knowledge and applied moderation. An American study has shown that the flavinoids in red wine are excellent in fighting the free radicals in your body which cause cancer

Drink Water

Drink a glass of water before your meal and sip some more as you eat. This will fill up stomach space and take away the hunger urge and the impulse to binge on  more food. Eat more slowly as the brain takes a while to receive the signal that the stomach is full. This will also help overeating.

Drinking water during the day generally results in lower hunger urges.

Bulk vs Calories

Substitute foods with high bulk and low calories to allay feeling of hunger

Veggies are good here. Things like celery, green leaves, apples etc


Eat a portion of  protein at your sitting a must. Protein tends to build muscle, avoids the formation of flab and cellulite and triggers a rise of metabolism by 15%. This helps to burn fat that is there already

Spicy Foods.

Spicy foods raise metabolism. Spices like chillie have had studies done to verify this. Recent studies on spices like chillie, ginger and tumeric have also shown that they are key in the prevention of diseases like cancer.

Green Tea and Appetite Suppressing Drinks

This is becoming a well known area in assisting weight loss and in combating diseases like cancer. This is because of the anti oxidants in the tea which combat the free radicals in your body and from the biochemical processes which take place in digestion and in body tissues

Hot drinks such as lemon and hot water with or with say ginger and honey are drinks which cause suppression of appetite.

Happy Mind

Find a place or method to make you mind happy. You are much less likely to want to escape and eat then. A lot of eating takes place because of loneliness, stress or unhappiness. If you can find a way to substitute here then you are less likely to eat outside of meal times. Examples here are use of music, meditation, walking, massage.


Many programs from sport to education to personal growth use buddying as form to support and aid keeping one on track and in the direction of the goal ahead. If you are not part of a group as such, even finding one person is enough to help each other in common purpose of achieving your goal. Be sure to set up a channel of regular contact and updating between each other here. Vocalize to each the r the challenges and issues

Plateau problems

All paths whether they are intellectual or physical like sport have plateaus on the way. Be sharp enough to see these periods when they are present and to acknowledge these. Do not beat on yourself here but take time out to have a fireside chat with your buddy or even yourself here and keep it up so these periods do not end up turning into states of sloth and inertia. Evoke determination to work through them. Understand that these will come to an end.

Keep Active

Try and adopt the culture of activity. Walk up stairs when you can. Or walk to the store if it’s doable instead of taking the Auto to ride a block to see a friend to visit the store. Stand when you work. Try and sit properly in a chair rather than slouch. All of this uses more energy and therefore calories.

Right Attitude

There is no secret potion that is going to make you lose weight. The secret to weight loss is the right approach to a combination effect system of eating, exercise and attitude and weight loss motivation to lose that belly and other fatty areas.

Right People Company

Avoid people who are negative to your journey’s purpose and hook up with those that are genuinely interested in support in your endeavor. Some people are jealous and even though they are your friends they can be sly about defusing your efforts. Like ” Why put  yourself through all that effort and misery and hard work .Me, I’m going to enjoy my life!” This is an invitation to fall down. Don’t do it!

Proper Sleep

Get your usual sleep that suites you every night. You will be relaxed and feel god. If you are tired and grumpy you may be more prone to falling down and not keeping on track. Also a person who is tired is more likely to live up and be confuse . A sharp mind will win through. It can see the direction ahead clearly.

Be Consistent 

The program is the program right now. Don’t chop and change to or the regime every time for whatever reason. This is a sign of weakness. You may do so but only after a period of consideration and for well thought out reasons and not on a whim because you don’t like how it’s going. The same applies to any adjustment to the program. Use your innate natural wisdom to aid you here. Avoid impulsiveness.


We all want to lose weight now or in 7 days. It took years to get into the situation in which we find ourselves today so wisdom will tell us it’s going to take awhile to get back there where we were. Weight loss programming is not like Vegas!! It’s not a slot machine affair. It’s a program over a length of time. This length of time can be greatly reduced by strong motivation by ourselves here.


You love sweet things! Don’t kill yourself. Have some but be smart about it.

You’re about to have supper and you want some treat after. Break out a

few  blocks and put these on the table for afterwards. Put the rest of the bar away. Stash it!! . Eat your meal and savour the chocolate, slowly so that you get the satisfaction by taste and not by gorging. Get used to getting satisfaction by way of the mouth rather that by way of the feeling of a heavy and full stomach.

Fitness Aids

Lately we have seen gadgets come onto the market that monitor our body metrics and our activity. Don’t be afraid to use these to check our bodily metrics and physical performance. This creates interest and more focus and participation towards the program at hand and give one more of a hands on involvement as well .This boosts our energy and faith in partaking in the program.

Mindful Eating

Recently mindfulness has made it to the cover of Time Magazine. So this is not a small thing it is a very big thing that is not very well understood in modern contemporary society today. It is very closely related to meditation.

It means that when you eat you eat fully and consciously tasting chewing and swallowing each mouthful for the full duration of the meal. This does not mean accompanied by a TV going full bore and having distracted conversation while talking to three other people. Try it you may end up tasting you food for the first time. And that experience will give greater satisfaction to the hunger pangs.

Link weight loss to a better life

Try to link your outlook for motivation for losing weight to another goal or even two. It may well be something like:  “ If I become slim again and look good will be more attractive to others or a particular person.”   There are many personal inspirational goals that we can aim for.

Try Interval Training

This technique uses programs that have short intervals of high intensity training followed by rest periods of low recovery periods .This is known to burn carb very efficiently.

Music workouts

Music while you workout especially with driving rhythm helps to put aside those thoughts that tell you it’s enough and to take time out. This helps you to train a bit more each time

Keep Alcohol well Down

It’s a known fact that alcohol is loaded with calories which subverts your goal to losing that belly fat fast. It interferes with the fat burning functions and sets back the recovery time.

Go Natural

Avoid foods that have synthetic additives and colorants. These are suspect and related to causing damage to organs and give possible links to disease like cancer. Also artificial sweeteners trick the brain in to thinking that there is sugar present thereby causing hormonal releases which is counter-productive.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks are really out of the ball park. They just load up your system with calories that has no benefit for you and put you on calorie burning debt big time. They also cause sugar spike that causes an insulin spike release which blocks your body’s fat burning mechanism

Count Calories

Some people are able to take on calorie counting while others not. You don’t have to do this continually but even for a week or so, will give you a feeling of where the calories lie and how they are related to you daily program and living.

Push Yourself

Sometimes it is necessary to give oneself a bit of a bump to do that bit extra. This is part of life for everything. So try and go for that extra workout or bit of extra declining that additional thing to eat. It all adds up. No need to make it heavy to the point of overly stressing.

Eat Breakfast

American research study has shown that people who eat a good breakfast have a better time controlling the rest of their daily food intake and thereby limiting this

Vary your workout

Change your workout regime and /or your cardio machine choice. This gives you greater chance to get overall body workout in the longer term. It causes you to use muscle sets that end up not even getting a workout at all. This results in greater overall calorie and fats burn up.

Public Statement

Making a public statement in front of a few people or to a friend puts ones commitment in the public eye and cements your motivation to lose that fat and to keep on track. When you are prone to slack out then you will remember your public statement and this will help you reaffirm your commitment to lose that belly fat.

See it as it Is

Don’t fool yourself but see the situation as it is. In other words be real. Now off this really seeing your situation as it is you can build a real program with a definite goal in mind like losing and exact number of pounds or being able to fit onto a particular type and garment size. This is being real and you can get a handle on this type of goal setting

Take on a program

To avoid becoming stale or bored you could take on a short program or challenge like a course of training for a mini run or cycling race. This will boost you interest and keep the field of endeavor exciting and fresh.

How about a new exercise routine or spin cycle classes?  It’s a good idea to keep ticking over with new programs in a regular basis. 

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