Garcinia Cambodia for Weight Loss


    Garcinia Cambodia Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambodia for weightloss-weight loss motivation

Garcinia Cambodia

Called the Malabar Tamarind is the fruit of a tree which ranges in color from green to yellow and is associated as being in a category of weight loss supplement.  The fruit is what  the weight losers want to use for dropping those extra pounds of belly fat. This fruit looks like a small segmented pumpkin, has a sour taste and is used in Asian cooking. All the action is in the skin which contains the substance HCA [Hydroxycitric acid] which is the active ingredient.

According to research and studies done it stops the formation of an enzyme called Citrate Lyase and this blocks the body from taking up carbohydrates and producing fats. It also appears to cause the body to produce higher levels of serotonin which lowers craving for food. There are claims that it also results in lowering cholesterol.

Dr Oz in some of his TV shows is reported as having supported the use of Garcia Cambodia as motivating weight loss in the body. The FDA has said that one should be prudent about using natural products for quick fix results and always indicates to check with their available guidelines directly and specifically on that product. Natural does not mean always effective or safe at all times. There are natural products which can cause you harm and worse, especially if you just take too much of them.

You can obtain Garcinia Cambodia in powder or pill form and even as part of health bars recipes sold online. Daily dosages are between 250 to 1000 mg. The fruit itself is used in food directly as in Asian curry preparations to give a distinctive tart flavor to the dish.

Results of this supplement with regard to this motivating weight loss are mixed especially with regard to long term effects. This may also be as reported due to the very high dropout rate of those who take on a program of using the supplement. There are definitely reported accounts of weight loss having occurred. These are fairly moderate. There are also no adverse effects in connection with toxicity and safety for the doses which are advised to take. This is supported by tests on animals

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