Diet Snacks

Weight Loss Snacking Tricks and Tips

We are all human and don’t want any program to lose belly fat or exercise regime to be a heavy experience . We must have fun and pleasure along the way. So what better than having some indulging here and there. So diet snacks are there to be invented and to eat and enjoy. Invent new ones every day and keep these handy in the fridge or in the jar for immediate gratification. Whats not to enjoy!

Low Calorie Diet Snack Dips

Veggie sticks like carrots and celery and Humus

Thin crackers and cream cheese

Edamame. High in protein

Berries and Yogurt Oatmeal and Blueberries

Low Calorie Cucumber Apple Dieting Snack

Apple and  Cucumber slices with cheese

Lettuce wraps with fillings

Popcorn with simple flavorings

Meat jerky like beef or turkey

Slimming Dieting Celery Boats with fillings

Filling a in celery boats Like cream cheese or nut butters

Protein bar . But the right one high protein no sugar

Kebabs of fruit and cheese

Protein skim milkshakes. Whey protein come in great flavors like chocolate

Rice Cakes topped with nut butter and sliced banana

Tofu Fried or baked . Eaten with a dip or soya sauce .High in protein

Raw Shakes

Hard boiled Eggs

Thick Slices of Tomato topped with Cheese

Low CalorieTomato Diet Snacking

Guacamole with chips

Dark Chocolate

Salsa and Chips

Chocolate dipped Strawberries

Smoked salmon on wheat crisp thins

Fruit salad

Dried fruit

Kale chips

Sardines on thin crackers

Small Garden Salad with Dressing

Nuts or trail mixes

Nuts for Diet Snacking

Pickled Mushrooms

Zucchini slices with Hummus

Figs with cream cheese filling

Tortilla or wraps with low calorie fillings

Date Balls

Mini lean meat balls with ketchup


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