Belly Fat Factors

What’s behind belly fat

Belly fat is probably the most insidious  problem around weight gain for men and woman and is easy to put on and not only hard to remove but also difficult to keep off.  Woman are more vulnerable to losing that belly issue. An additional issue here for women is menopause. The complication of the drop in estrogen level  can result in an uneven distribution of fat. So overall one may not be very overweight, most of this is in the belly area.

Also for men and women age is an issue as well due to the hormonal change in men and women that occurs in middle age round about 40. This is because of the drop of estrogen in women and the drop of testosterone in men

As well as all of this there is the issue of the role of genetics influence and / or a natural predisposition to certain intolerances as a factor. For example carbohydrate intolerance

This issue about stomach or belly fat is that it is associated with deeper problems of obesity which include the internal organs of the heart and liver. The fat close to the skin is called subcutaneous and is what we normally focus on in terms of look and appearance. The other fat that is not so visible is called visceral fatty deposit and makes the person more prone to life threatening diseases  like heart attacks, cancer and diabetes because that is where the fatty deposits go to well below the skin surface and the long term condition to this becomes life threatening. It interferes with the processing of cholesterol and insulin .


Do you feel bad about yourself. Things like low self worth, low esteem or  lack of confidence . This will result in eating and packing on the stomach and body fat. Here you may want to look at your personal psychological state. Activities like meditation, dance, yoga and even therapy may help. You can take on a program or practice of positive affirmations which can give you good results pretty quickly. They DO WORK !


Are you getting enough sleep and of good quality. If this is not the case then you could be grumpy feel bad and mentally below par so that you gravitate to eating for compensation .


This is a factor in the formation of belly fat and is a problem in modern living. We eat in response to pressure. This is also because of hormonal release which causes cravings which leads to food binging causing fat to eventually to show up as belly flab. These cravings are called cortisol cravings because of the hormone that is released. There are also studies and work being done in reducing stress by being involved in activities like meditation and yoga and the results are positive. Stress relief results in lower urge to crave and binge

Muscle Loss

AS we progress over the age of 30 we continually lose muscle and this is replaced by fat hence the accelerating appearance of cellulite amd belly fat and so on. Studies have shown that weight training for the middle and older people  give very good results. General fat reduction including the stomach area is the result without a drop in bodily weight . In other word a reversal is happening where fat is being exchanged for increased muscle bulk . Also weight training is good for bone strengthening.

But caution is advised her that because of older years the loading of weights should be gradual and with care to avoid injuries.

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