Belly Fat Burn Foods

fat burning food for weight loss

Belly Fat .What not to eat

Cookies and Cakes

Without making your life a misery, and in spite of what we find out we will always have a nibble in this direction.So what and occasional treat is in order. But it is well no note that all cakes/pastries are made from highly refined white flour and are composed of a range of additives designed for mass production. Oils, fats,sugar, extenders, shorteners, colorants, preservatives, anti oxidants, stabilizers, modified starches, artifiical flavourants and so on.

Fried  Foods

There is a big exposure to many forms of fried food from packaged chips to deep fried chicken. These foods are loaded with oils which as a result of extreme heat are a mix of saturated and degraded oils like trans fats and saturated fats when eaten continually are just plain bad for you health.

Sugar and sugar substitutes

Sugar is a no-no because it is just so powerful in terms of calorie punch resulting in weight gain but it is also highly addictive. The concentrations in soda type drinks are massive and a well known dry lemon soda sold has the highest sugar content of all of its competitors. What is really negative about sugar sweetened drinks is that they are strongly associated with thirst and are consumed in large volumes over just a day resulting in massive sugar spikes in the consumers bloodstreams . Especially in hot weather conditions


These are sugar substitutes which have no calories but should be limited or excluded because they screw around with your brain and your metabolism. They trigger off false biological responses in the body.  These artificial  sweeteners are things like acesulfame,  neotame, saccharin and sucralose. These type artificial sweeteners are often disguised under trade names.

They have been associated with cancer and recent research by the FDA still seem to place them in a gray area as far as danger is concerned. Best practice here is moderation. The FDA has placed a daily safe recommended amount on these sweeteners[ADI level]

Sugar alcohols

The substitutes  like xylitol,sirbitol and maltitol  are called sugar alcohols, are sweeteners and have lower sweetening levels compared to sugar. They are not zero calorie though they do have lower calorie count per portion. They are not easily absorbed or digested in the digestive system and can cause digestive upset, bloating and diarrhea.  The main benefit of these sweeteners is that they don’t cause tooth decay and they are positive use for those with diabetes and also for weight loss and fat burning diets.

Cut out Carbs

Carbs are addictive and cause you to eat more through their craving characteristic. So if you cut these out you tend to eat less and this results in lower calorie intake. Studies indicate that a lower carb intake diet results in the attack on high fat including belly fat and some big fat reduction can result . If you really want to lose fat quickly and drop the carb intake to say 60 grams per day the ketotic effect that the body changes to will give you a drastic fat weight  burn especially at the bell zone.

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