Affirmation, Mindfulness, Meditation


Affirmation, Mindfulness and Meditation

As shown above, this section is concerned with the mind and its role in not just achieving weight loss but for this to be permanent. Really the mind is the most important part here and central to all aspects around weight loss. For example if ANYBODY in the world wanted to lose weight they could just decide to eat one third or half of what they do and continue to do this, they would be slim FOREVER. There are many people who give up smoking in less than a day. They decide right there and then and never smoke again. I myself did this and to this day do not crave or think about smoking again.

So if you do not work with your mind and develop a relationship here you are fooling yourself about weight loss success for getting a permanent result.

Weight Loss Through Affirmation.

Affirmations are a well known and very powerful technique use to break long term fears habits and blockages. This will increase your faith and determination in your direction. This is done by addressing yourself personally internally. You use this dialogue to increase your sense of self worth. This can be a very BIG factor in putting on weight . Low Self Esteem leads to overeating and binging.

Affirmations Positive Reinforcing Affirmation Points to Consider:

  • Keep it simple.
  • Do it a lot. Many short times throughout the day and even on the move.
  • Use One or more to start.
  • Then use Variations or combinations slowly over a few days
  •  Use Imagery to support the Affirmation
  • Try to Feel it and Mean it. Soak in it.
  • Direct all affirmations to the idea that you are OK and to feel good about yourself


Examples to use from the following:

“I am strong.”

“I am not weak. I am not a loser.”

“I can do this. I will do this.”

“I am worthy of this.”

“I am OK. I am my own best friend”

“I am worthy of receiving the best”



Mindfulness to Control Eating Urges

There is a form of practice that comes from Asia in the Buddhist tradition that uses mindfulness in daily living with the purpose of being more fully aware and awake in each moment of the day. This also increases your sense of balance and control of the days events throughout the day and eventually your life.


It involves watching your minds thoughts feeling and reactions moment to moment to events in your daily life. This should be done without judgment but rather a sense or “ This is how it is right now” accepting this moment  and moving forward in as most skilful way for the next step doing the adjustments as needed. This has the effect of bringing in calm and balance and eventually strength and control to your mind with day to day practice. The effect of this is cumulative and grows increasingly positive in your mind as you practice this.


Studies on people who are overweight and even subject to chronic binge eating have been done who have undergone Mindfulness training. It has been found that there were very good results which reduced these urges somewhat and the results often were permanent.

One of the main points around is that overeating or binge eating is often done in an unconscious or hazy frame of mind, and the person is only aware after that giant cake is gone. Like it’s just vaporized. Mindfulness teaches to be aware of the urge, be aware of the moving to the eating, be aware of the preparation to eat , be aware of the eating and the enjoyment it brings, aware of the satisfaction it brings, be aware of other feeling like guilt etc . All without judging just being in the moment and participating to the end.

At some point there may arise an opportunity to say that this is enough and there may be a chance to stop. This is control in a non oppressive way coming from strength of observing your process without beating on yourself. With time you can become more skilled at just stepping out of the urge to binge.


This is a technique for quietening the mind under most circumstances. Developed mainly in the Asia it is a formal practice done on a regular basis and developed and refines with time and regularity.

That to do this is to find the time and a quiet cornet to be alone and still. Sitting in and erect but relaxed position one relaxes the body for a few moments and then settles the attention on the breath at the point where it is most felt. You just follow the in breath and then the out breath giving full attention to the sensations moment to moment.

This has a quieting and calming effect on the mind which can become very deep and profound, Practiced regularly this effect can have a permanent effect on one’s mind and in all other daily events of one’s life. It’s all a question of regularity and commitment here






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