50 Super Fatburning foods

Foods to eat that burn Fat

Here below are shown 50 super fatburning foods that are very affordable, available mostly all year round and give good taste satisfaction as well as dieting weight reduction metabolic action.

Slimming foods for weightloss

Fresh foods   These foods are not loaded with the dead food content and are alive with antioxidant. Therefore they do not clog up your metabolism process which burns calories. They are high in water content low in calories and have wonderful crunch to them

Chick peas.  Are in big in fibre and offer good protein intake and offer a big taste bonus. They help to reduce cholesterol levels . They are low GI and when served in combination with say salad they help keep the stronger hunger pangs at bay . It is said that they help to reduce breast cancer risk as well as osteoporosis.

Organic rolled oats for diet

Oats This fat burning food is loaded with fiber, iron and protein an lower in calories and are a low GI . They make you feel fuller and for longer for a smaller portion intake. Oats is a known food to reduce cholesterol levels

Protein in Lentils for Toning

Lentils Are a low cost food that has a deeply satisfying taste satisfaction factor to it. They contain no fat and are a good source of protein . They are one of the few top protein legume family that help to reduce weight and burn up that belly fat

Bean Sprouts for Slimming

Mung  Beans and Sprouting   Mung bean sprouting is extremely easy to do. It requires a transparent jar with a an open  mesh top held on by an elastic band. After initial soaking the beans are kept wet on a daily basis and are sprouted in a few days. They can then be kept refrigerated for about a week.             Lentils and alfalfa seed can also be sprouted this way.                    Sprouts are higher in protein and their alive state, make them active scavengers for free radicals. They also help to lower blood pressure.

Protein Beans for Dieting

Beans  The variety of beans available all year round include pinto, kidney, navy, black, lima and mung. These legumes as they are called are a zero fat level source of protein. Beans are high in lysine which is an amino acid that is tied up with the body’s ability to produce energy. Eaten modestly over a period of time they reduce cholesterol and ward off heart problems and lower blood pressure. Studies on groups have shown that they lost more as a result of including beans in their diet because of the increased satiety factor cause by beans causing them to eat lass .

Protein Powder  Increase your protein intake. Burning protein takes more metabolic effort and therefore energy to process and this results in less fat formation. This also keeps you feeling more satisfied for longer. Protein powder is very user consistent and versatile . One area of usage is through using it in blending in smoothies. Here the only limitation to variety is your imagination. You can have it with fruit or vegetables or both in the every new blend you want. Or you can sprinkle it over food and so on.

Spices for Tasty Weight loss foods

Spices and herbs.

Including these in drinks and foods are not only healthy but give taste satisfaction and are a very low calorie intake option. Drinking teas for example such as green tea, lemon tea with mint give taste satisfaction that one is less likely to take sugar and milk. Also in food spices are low calorie and give a good bang for your buck taste wise. New study on red pepper shows very favorable result towards calorific burn


Avocado  High in healthy fats and contains the vitamins E, C, B5, B6, K  and the trace elements potassium, zinc and copper. The big advantage as far as cardio factors is concerned is that avocado does not contain sodium or cholesterol forming agents and in fact has full of monounsaturated heart healthy fats

Turmeric      Turmeric is a herbaceous herb (also known as Curcuma longa). This herb is anti oxidant anticancer antifungal and an antibiotic. Turmeric is a liver detoxant assists in fat metabolism and aids sugar digestion. It promotes healthy circulation and deals with cancer forming free radicals in diet

Rosemary. Oregano . Spices such as these are high in antioxidant which protect against cancer and heart disease. The flavor they add to your eating makes you take less on your plate because of taste satisfaction. Spices and herbs are also known to be anti inflammatory in the body. Inflammation in the system causes a lot of health issues particularly to do with  the organs such as the heart

Healthy High Metabolism Chillie

Chillies, Cayenne Pepper, Black and White Pepper Hot spices which include the pepper family increase the metabolic rates of the body result on directly in weight loss so much so that it is claimed that a small amount in food can give the same calorific effect as a 20 min walk. Also hot foods are less prone to result in overeating. One needs less. It is said that peppers result in a process called thermogenesis which results in greater fat burn.

Ginger diuretic for water weight loss

Ginger.  Ginger has a similar stimulating effect that caffeine has. This increases internal energy levels and metabolism and has a direct and increase in calorie burning results, to flatten that stomach. More stimulation results in higher energy and your feel good factor. This increases motivation to lose weight. Medical research has shown that ginger helps to suppress the excess production of cortisol which has the effect in increasing weight in that area. Ginger consumption reverses this


Garlic ,Onions These base foods contain phytochemicals that cause the breakdown of fatty foods and deposits in the body cause a lowering of cholesterol protect one from heart disease and are healthy in that they are anti fungal, anti bacterial and eliminate viruses

High Fibre weight reduction Celery

Celery Is a great food lose that belly fat fast .It is almost totally all water (up to 95 percent)  and fiber but with a great flavor that after a few eaten sticks of leaves one with a satisfied feeling. So eating celery keeps you properly hydrated as well. It is well to remember that if you are not hydrated enough the you can feel sluggish and low mentally and physically.  And therefore lowly motivated.

Low Calorie Cucumber to slim down

Cucumber  It is well to note that a whole cup of cucumber contains just 12 calories. So they are a great snack to have anytime . You can also be smart by combining them with taste effects to give more satisfaction ,like eating them with a thin layer of cream cheese or hummus. Cucumbers are basically just a combination of water and fibre and have a great crunch to them giving good eating satisfaction

Carrots You should always have carrots in you refrigerator . They contain an very high level of beta- carotene and are very high in fibre. They also have a great effect in supplying body to a meal as a thickener when cooked and liquidized. Carrots also have a high level of Vitamin A. Besides the usual preventatives that fresh cooked vegetables give they are said to be an aid in preventing strokes, cancer and keeps cataracts at bay with good eye heath properties.

Tomato for Fat burn metabolism

Tomatoes. International studies have shown that eating tomatoes triggers off a DNA activation that results in fat burning ability by the body. This substance an un saturated fatty acid called 13-oxo-oda.

This triggering of the genes to result in a fat burning process is unique in weight control lasting well after eating takes place. You can take tomato in the form of tomato juice or the raw food, but one should be careful of overdoing the juice side due to the possibility of excess sodium intake

Spinach.  Spinach is very low in calories.  A single cup has just 8 calories and virtually zero carb. Spinach makes a great smoothie with a variety of blended companions. Spinach is rich in calcium and therefore a good bone strengthener and an anti cancer fighter especially prostate cancer because ti contains carotenoid which is an anti prostate cancer agent here. Spinach also contains a high level of iron and vitamins A,C,E and F. For weight loss this is a great green to eat due to its low calorific level.

Olives.  Olives are low calorie food and a low calorie substitute for other higher calorific foods. Also the calorie effect is generally lower because of the taste intensity that olive have that cause olives to be eaten in smaller portion amounts . Olives are always pickled and therefore contain vinegar which is good for weight loss benefit. Olives are high in the good fats which is essential for keeping cholesterol low and also beneficial for bodily joints

Sweet Potato for Healthy Fibre

Sweet potatoes For wanting something sweet these tuber veggies have a low calorific sweetener which is unrefined. There have their share of carb , but they contain adiponectin which is a blood sugar regulatory agent which prevents sugar surge after eating and because they are low glycemic they keep your appetite suppressed longer. Sweet potato is high in fibre and contain vitamin A

Green Beans.   Are high in fibre which has a number of benefits.  Fibre stays in your digestive tract longer and this helps to stave off craving for more food . Green beans are very low in calories and canm be eaten raw in salads or steamed to go with the main meal. Green beans help to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Walnuts.  As well as pecans .High in Omega -3 fatty oils and contain protein and fibre. They also contain mineral elements like Copper and Manganese and anti oxidant compound which prevents inflammation. Walnuts have been shown in many studies to be associated with preventing cancers like prostrate in men. Studies have concluded that those who included nuts and nut butters in their diet say twice a week were 33%less likely to put on weight than those who did not . This is also partly because those including nuts in their diet were less prone to eat more bulk because they were more satisfied.

Almonds It has been shown that all nuts are not fattening at all if eaten at a steady moderate rate even for weeks on end, a study revealed that  for men and woman no weight gain resulted . Further studies have shown that regular eating of nuts lowers  the risk  of heart problems. Nuts like almonds are high in vitamin B and contain the trace mineral zinc and stops food craving due to the presence of oleic oil.

Peanut Butter for Big Diet Taste satisfaction

Peanut butter Peanut butter does contain calories and fat but is considered a health food because it contains a high level of healthy fats , that is the unsaturated type. The body requires these fats to function properly and half of these in peanut butter are monounsaturated which are good for keeping down cholesterol levels in the blood.  Another reason for peanut butters goo rating as a fat burning good ally is that it is so satisfying that very little needs to be eaten at a sitting. So low calorie intake.

Protein  Drink whey protein British study has shown whey performs highly as far as taste and bulk satisfaction is concerned. They contain 30- 88% protein concentrates minimal fat cholesterol and lactose. They are highly thermogenic and contain all the essential amino acids. Whey protein is essential to building muscle in today’s program because so many lose fat programs don’t have high level of muscle building nutrient. Also because in today’s world it is so versatile and convenient to use. It also contributes to a dieters feeling of satisfaction after meal time.

Fresh Healthy Coconut High Fibre

Coconut Oil     This is a good fat to eat and to cook with. It does not break down with heat into dangerous component and free radicals which are not good for your metabolism. Remember this is different to the hydrogenated version which has high saturated fats content and even trans fats.  The cols pressed oil is the one that you want to use and not the other even if it is labeled virgin.

Fish  Cold deep-water fish and salmon are high in Omega fat oils and prevent the formation of blood vessel plaques a cause for heart problems. They also increase the metabolism of fat in the body tissue. Nearly all fish have very high protein level and unsaturated fat content and the type of fat that is there is the good type.

High Metabolism Cellulite burn Coffee

Coffee.  A regular moderate coffee intake is in order as the caffeine intake increases metabolism and therefore calorie burn. It is interesting to note that most fat burning supplements have caffeine in them as a booster to thermogenic processing in metabolism. Also indicated is that chlorogenic acid is an active compound that slows and inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates in the body. Coffee stimulates the production of lipase which is an enzyme that helps break down fat during digestion.


Green Tea    The caffeine and bioflavonoids found in green tea are health agents. Caffeine increases metabolic activity in the body to burn up that tummy fat. Where green tea really shines is in the big range of antioxidant called catechins including EGCG which is the main antioxidant in green tea. The overall effect here is  green tea increases results the levels of hormones that causes fat cell to break down and convert to energy.

Dieting with Dark Chocolate high Cacao

Chocolates Here by  healthy we mean in moderation and we mean dark chocolate. A few blocks a day is no problem as opposed to binging a whole bar at a time. Moderate amounts of chocolate reduces the digestion and formation of fatty acids and carbohydrates but you want to focus on the type that has 70% plus of cacao content. Chocolate increases feelings of satiation and well being . This is important in the mental approach in a diet regime

Wine It is said that one should drink to burn fat and not to lose weight. By this is meant in moderation and the right types of wine . Here we are mainly talking red wine. Red wine contains ellagic acid which slows down the formation of fat cells and the growth old existing ones in tissue. Moderate wine consumption increases metabolism and therefore fat burn and lowers blood pressure. A daily glass of red wine lowers the risk of stroke and heart disease. It also promotes longevity which could be due to the presence of polyphenol.

Eat Berries All have many advantages for weight loss and added health Berries have plenty of antioxidant action. This includes all types of berries such as Goji, Cranberries raspberries and Strawberries.

Blueberries.  Are loaded  with antioxidants that combat free radicals and are therefore a cancer fighting food, and prevent heart diseases developing. They also have agents in there which prevents the formation of fat such as the belly fat type deposits.

Healthy Strawberry dieting with vitamin C

Strawberries. Are known to regulate weight reducing hormones to make these operate more efficiently. They also help to produce a hormone that stimulates bodily metabolism. They are a great help in appetite suppression because of their satisfying taste factor. Strawberries contain the trace elements magnesium, potassium and calcium as well as vitamin C and fibre and are anti inflammatory.

Cherries. Offer presence of Vitamin C, plus other vitamins A,C, B5and B6 as well as a flavanoid and a good few  trace elements. Cherries help to fight cancer, gout and arthritis and to cure migraines. Eating cherries has  an appetite suppressing effect due to the satiety affect of their wonderful flavor. The cancer fighting effect is due to the antioxidants present, with the more tart fruit having a higher level of antioxidant.

grapefruit-diet-for-weight loss


Grapefruit. Eating a small amount of grapefruit each day such as half a fruit is associated with weight loss. Comparison research results with groups who had similar placebo foods showed that the ones who ate grapefruit lost more weight. Grapefruit contains soluble fibre in the form of pectin and antioxidants in the form of polyphenols which have lipolytic effect, breaking down fatty tissues . Grapefruit is a known weight reduction food that has good weight loss reduction result in the period of a few weeks.

Healthy Apples Low Calorie for Slimming

Apples. High in fibre and water content.  Satisfying eating due to the crunch and chewing factor and their wonderful flavors. Remember different apples have different flavors. Remember a lot of the benefit in an apple is in the skin so do not to peel but remember to wash the fruit well. Apples are very good at preventing colon cancer because of the high fibre. They are great at reducing weight loss because of the presence of polyphenols which increase metabolism

Kiwi Fruit High in Vitamin C Low Calorie

Kiwi  Are low in calories and high in fibre content which suppresses the appetite and give great taste satisfaction due to their tart  taste. They are a low GI food and therefore lower and stabilizes blood sugar levels . If blood sugar levels are not stabilized then the body releases insulin which stimulates fat storage. Kiwifruit also contains carnitine which also converts fat to calories which is then burned into energy directly.

Acidic Lemons for fat Burn

Lemons.   Lemons  contain vitamin C which is an agent to burning fat. Also lemons have a powerful taste punch  for the virtually zero calorie intake and is good for things like when used in salad or as a hot or cold drink. As a substitute flavour they result in much lower calorific intake. Lemons can be combined with a range of other ingredients such as honey, ginger and mint and taken in the form of drinks. This citrus fruit contains pectin  which is a soluble fibre that supports weight loss

High energy and Vitamins Bananas

Bananas. This fruit is fat free and an average banana has about 95 calories and is a rich source of other nutrients such as potassium and  vitamin C. They also are high in fibre and protein. Though having high sugar content the natural sugars are broken down onto glucose mostly and are easily burnt up avoid going to belly fat as glucose is a simple sugar. Bananas are regarded as a medium calorific food, are low GI and do not affect blood sugar levels greatly.

Mangos  Are cholesterol and fat free. If you are limiting you calorific intake then you can eat mangoes every day and not out on weight . So as a supplementary sweet food intake with minimal weight issue side effect and great taste bonus mangoes are a big plus for you motivation to lose weight. They are high in vitamins A, C, B6 and contain  potassium and iron. They are great to reduce food craving and have high fibre.

Slimming low Calorie Papaya

Papaya. Lose that belly fat with papaya. Papaya is a great source of Vitamin C and fibre and the enzyme papain which helps to break down protein, digest fates, assimilate carb and increase metabolism. In fact to base a diet on this fruit mat be the so called silver bullet for a diet to get that belly flat and smooth. Papaya is considered to reduce formation of gas in the bowel and also reduce inflammation.

Citric Oranges for Healthy Vitamin C

Oranges .  Are a health food that contain vitamin C and fibre. They do contain a sugar level but this is not excessively high and eaten in moderation there is no problem and they help to satisfy a west tooth as opposed to the candy option. The fiber is in the form of a high level of pectin which is a soluble fibre. All forms of fire in take are considered to aid in weight loss

Low Calorie Peaches

Peaches Do contain sugar but are a healthy substitute to that after dinner sweet such as a brownie. They are high in vitamins A and C and contain a high water and fiber level of up to 88%. So eating one results in a quick feeling full effect.  Eating peaches in moderation fits in well with a weight losing program especially during those hot days of summer

Low Calorie Dieting Field Musrooms

Mushrooms.  Are excellent for weight loss. They contain very low calorie count and give a big blast of flavor satisfaction for low calorie count. They offer protein content and have no fat content. For health they contain the trace elements iron potassium selenium zinc and copper. They are said to offer blood thinning properties which help as far as cardio issue are concerned in trying to prevent blood clots

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