Overweight and Back Pain

Over Weight and BackPain

Overweight and Back Pain

Being overweight increases not only the risk of developing  back pain but also of making the existing issues worse and more chronic.

Because the back is such complicated structure of bones muscle, nerves and tissue it is difficult even today to say and predict cause and effect of pain and factors that cause the pain. But research has shown that back pain is very closely affected by obesity and being overweight. In particular if the extra  weight is at the stomach area.

This is because the extended weight which is further away from the spine than is normal pulls the back out of alignment and causes stresses on the muscles and nerves the spine itself as it gets pulled out of shape. This can result in dislocation, misalignment and pinched nerve issues and the more extended the stomach is the worse the problem. So pain results and this can be a good source for weight loss motivation and inspiration to lose belly fat. However one should not leave the overweight condition to carry on too long that it becomes chronic. Because a long term overweight condition can give rise to a chronic back problem which can be for life.

Being overweight can lead you to be physically semi-cripple and to even hobble around using a walking stick. This is misery!

The other issue here is that a slim abdomen area with conditioned muscles is a natural support for the whole length of the spine and keeps it in its correct healthy position and alignment. It is also a known fact that people who are chronically overweight are more prone to osteoporosis

Apart from what can result to the back from being overweight there are other medical conditions which can make this worse. If one has any of the following as few or a combination the result can be more acute by developing tenseness which can lead to muscle cramps and even migraines

Back degeneration as a condition is made worse by having these issues:

  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Cancer
  • Spinal fractures
  • Spinal Inflammation or infection
  • Slipped or prolapsed discs
  • Smoking
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Sitting Posture
  • Sedentary lifestyle

A lot of these factors are lifestyle related and are incorporated into being overweight. If you add these all up then living with too many of them can be result in getting weight loss motivation going so as to becomes slim again and lose that belly fa,t and feel good about oneself, and end up enjoying a healthy life.

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Garcinia Cambodia for Weight Loss


    Garcinia Cambodia Weight Loss

Garcinia Cambodia for weightloss-weight loss motivation

Garcinia Cambodia

Called the Malabar Tamarind is the fruit of a tree which ranges in color from green to yellow and is associated as being in a category of weight loss supplement.  The fruit is what  the weight losers want to use for dropping those extra pounds of belly fat. This fruit looks like a small segmented pumpkin, has a sour taste and is used in Asian cooking. All the action is in the skin which contains the substance HCA [Hydroxycitric acid] which is the active ingredient.

According to research and studies done it stops the formation of an enzyme called Citrate Lyase and this blocks the body from taking up carbohydrates and producing fats. It also appears to cause the body to produce higher levels of serotonin which lowers craving for food. There are claims that it also results in lowering cholesterol.

Dr Oz in some of his TV shows is reported as having supported the use of Garcia Cambodia as motivating weight loss in the body. The FDA has said that one should be prudent about using natural products for quick fix results and always indicates to check with their available guidelines directly and specifically on that product. Natural does not mean always effective or safe at all times. There are natural products which can cause you harm and worse, especially if you just take too much of them.

You can obtain Garcinia Cambodia in powder or pill form and even as part of health bars recipes sold online. Daily dosages are between 250 to 1000 mg. The fruit itself is used in food directly as in Asian curry preparations to give a distinctive tart flavor to the dish.

Results of this supplement with regard to this motivating weight loss are mixed especially with regard to long term effects. This may also be as reported due to the very high dropout rate of those who take on a program of using the supplement. There are definitely reported accounts of weight loss having occurred. These are fairly moderate. There are also no adverse effects in connection with toxicity and safety for the doses which are advised to take. This is supported by tests on animals

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Weight Reducing Teas

Weight Reducing Teas

Weight Reducing Teas

Drinking teas for weight loss has some consideration. Although they  are extremely healthy these teas do not contain vitamins or calories. They can have beneficial laxative effects if you are using the blends designed to include this. The teas should not be drunk with sugar or artificial sweetened of course or you defeat their purpose. Teas are produced with a wide variety of wonderful flavors which make up for the loss of the sugar hit. Flavors such as apple, mango the various berries more than make up here. If you don’t feel like drinking green teas all the time for example, there are extracts which you can take for-on-the go benefits.

Another consideration re drinking these teas is that they reduce craving which is a cause of  snacking  This  will then eliminates the eventual binging or overeating that follows. So brew up a pot of one of these teas during the day and joy a soothing cup at any time

Rooibos Tea

This tea is from a very small area from the Western Cape in South Africa. Its translation is Red Bush for the bush that it comes from and is unique because it contains a powerful flavenoid called Aspalathin . This flavanoid reduces stress hormones that result in fat build up due to hunger cravings. It also reduces hypertension ans so is connected to cardiovascular heath.

Green teas

These are famous as health teas and cancer preventing agents. Combining the drinking of this with your other diet regime workouts results in accelerated weight loss due to the powerful compounds called catechins.  What happens is that these compounds trigger the release of fats cells from the belly area for energy processing in the liver

Matcha Tea

This is a green tea as above but with a difference. It has been drunk in Asia particularly Japan for centuries typically associated with the tea ceremony. Here specially harvested dry green tea leaf tips are ground into a powder and hot water is poured over them to produce a frothy beverage. The drink looks greenish because it contains chlorophyll. This has a detoxifying effect on the internal organs and to help weight loss diet.

  • Detoxifying
  • Anti aging
  • Cancer prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Heart health
  • Enhances and strengthens the Immune system
  • Reduces Cholestrol

This is because the tea contains L-theanine which is a fat blocker. Dr OZ has been quoted as saying that these compounds combine with the fat and prevents absorption so they just pass through the intestine. The anti cancer compound active in the tea is from the anti oxidant polyphenols which are present.

Asian Teas

These teas from India and China also contain catechins which are the cause for the elimination of belly fat due to their attack on the lipid fats. Use needs to be regular and studies have shown that candidates who drank these teas lost weight drastically. The studies were usually over say a 6 week period.

In particular black teas from India and China are very good for reducing stress and stress as we know is very often the cause of day long snacking which is the trigger for overeating and binging.

Detox Teas

These types of teas are in a separate category because they address the issue of detox. Metabolism is often shut down in the body because of toxicity build up with interferes in the bodies metabolic function and ability to burn calories . So here we have a resulting fat buildup. So by drinking these teas and detox of the body, the system comes back to normal  and the body can lose the extra weight and function optimally  .Because of the detox effect  there are other benefits.

  • Reduction in Bloating
  • More Beautiful Skin Condition
  • Appetite and craving reduction
  • Detox of the body system
  • Better Energy Levels for the Day
  • Better laxative effect
  • Better Sleeping and waking up

Mint Tea

Just as the smell of bacon triggers off our craving to have some crispy bacon there are certain smells that diminish our hunger pangs. One such scent is that of mint. Studies have shown that just the sniffing of mint regularly during the day was enough to cause a test group to eat less and to lose pounds of belly fat. Mint flavoring and the scent is well present in Mint tea and this is a good reason to enjoy this during the day.

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Belly Fat Burn Foods

fat burning food for weight loss

Belly Fat .What not to eat

Cookies and Cakes

Without making your life a misery, and in spite of what we find out we will always have a nibble in this direction.So what and occasional treat is in order. But it is well no note that all cakes/pastries are made from highly refined white flour and are composed of a range of additives designed for mass production. Oils, fats,sugar, extenders, shorteners, colorants, preservatives, anti oxidants, stabilizers, modified starches, artifiical flavourants and so on.

Fried  Foods

There is a big exposure to many forms of fried food from packaged chips to deep fried chicken. These foods are loaded with oils which as a result of extreme heat are a mix of saturated and degraded oils like trans fats and saturated fats when eaten continually are just plain bad for you health.

Sugar and sugar substitutes

Sugar is a no-no because it is just so powerful in terms of calorie punch resulting in weight gain but it is also highly addictive. The concentrations in soda type drinks are massive and a well known dry lemon soda sold has the highest sugar content of all of its competitors. What is really negative about sugar sweetened drinks is that they are strongly associated with thirst and are consumed in large volumes over just a day resulting in massive sugar spikes in the consumers bloodstreams . Especially in hot weather conditions


These are sugar substitutes which have no calories but should be limited or excluded because they screw around with your brain and your metabolism. They trigger off false biological responses in the body.  These artificial  sweeteners are things like acesulfame,  neotame, saccharin and sucralose. These type artificial sweeteners are often disguised under trade names.

They have been associated with cancer and recent research by the FDA still seem to place them in a gray area as far as danger is concerned. Best practice here is moderation. The FDA has placed a daily safe recommended amount on these sweeteners[ADI level]

Sugar alcohols

The substitutes  like xylitol,sirbitol and maltitol  are called sugar alcohols, are sweeteners and have lower sweetening levels compared to sugar. They are not zero calorie though they do have lower calorie count per portion. They are not easily absorbed or digested in the digestive system and can cause digestive upset, bloating and diarrhea.  The main benefit of these sweeteners is that they don’t cause tooth decay and they are positive use for those with diabetes and also for weight loss and fat burning diets.

Cut out Carbs

Carbs are addictive and cause you to eat more through their craving characteristic. So if you cut these out you tend to eat less and this results in lower calorie intake. Studies indicate that a lower carb intake diet results in the attack on high fat including belly fat and some big fat reduction can result . If you really want to lose fat quickly and drop the carb intake to say 60 grams per day the ketotic effect that the body changes to will give you a drastic fat weight  burn especially at the bell zone.

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Belly Fat Factors

What’s behind belly fat

Belly fat is probably the most insidious  problem around weight gain for men and woman and is easy to put on and not only hard to remove but also difficult to keep off.  Woman are more vulnerable to losing that belly issue. An additional issue here for women is menopause. The complication of the drop in estrogen level  can result in an uneven distribution of fat. So overall one may not be very overweight, most of this is in the belly area.

Also for men and women age is an issue as well due to the hormonal change in men and women that occurs in middle age round about 40. This is because of the drop of estrogen in women and the drop of testosterone in men

As well as all of this there is the issue of the role of genetics influence and / or a natural predisposition to certain intolerances as a factor. For example carbohydrate intolerance

This issue about stomach or belly fat is that it is associated with deeper problems of obesity which include the internal organs of the heart and liver. The fat close to the skin is called subcutaneous and is what we normally focus on in terms of look and appearance. The other fat that is not so visible is called visceral fatty deposit and makes the person more prone to life threatening diseases  like heart attacks, cancer and diabetes because that is where the fatty deposits go to well below the skin surface and the long term condition to this becomes life threatening. It interferes with the processing of cholesterol and insulin .


Do you feel bad about yourself. Things like low self worth, low esteem or  lack of confidence . This will result in eating and packing on the stomach and body fat. Here you may want to look at your personal psychological state. Activities like meditation, dance, yoga and even therapy may help. You can take on a program or practice of positive affirmations which can give you good results pretty quickly. They DO WORK !


Are you getting enough sleep and of good quality. If this is not the case then you could be grumpy feel bad and mentally below par so that you gravitate to eating for compensation .


This is a factor in the formation of belly fat and is a problem in modern living. We eat in response to pressure. This is also because of hormonal release which causes cravings which leads to food binging causing fat to eventually to show up as belly flab. These cravings are called cortisol cravings because of the hormone that is released. There are also studies and work being done in reducing stress by being involved in activities like meditation and yoga and the results are positive. Stress relief results in lower urge to crave and binge

Muscle Loss

AS we progress over the age of 30 we continually lose muscle and this is replaced by fat hence the accelerating appearance of cellulite amd belly fat and so on. Studies have shown that weight training for the middle and older people  give very good results. General fat reduction including the stomach area is the result without a drop in bodily weight . In other word a reversal is happening where fat is being exchanged for increased muscle bulk . Also weight training is good for bone strengthening.

But caution is advised her that because of older years the loading of weights should be gradual and with care to avoid injuries.

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weight loss motivation


 Over weight and Unhappy?  Lose it in a 3 Week Weight Loss Diet. How to lose belly fat that is ugly and unhealthy.  Get rid of cellulite in days by burning away the flab and slimming down to your new look.

See the before and after weight loss results through structured programs here of diet and focused exercise. 

Two Ladies

Dangers of Obesity Today:

  • Avoid getting cancer. and heart attacks
  • Avoid getting diabetes type 1 and the more dangerous type 2.
  • Feel good about yourself.
  • Make people admire you when you walk by. Be more socially accepted. 
  • Overall internal organ stress of the kidneys, Fatty Liver Disease.
  • Stress to the whole cardio vascular system.
  • High Blood Pressure and  Strokes   
  • Sleep Apnea.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • ​ Pregnancy problems like gestational diabetes, premature and stillborn birthing.

Today being overweight has become an epidemic and is so serious that is even impacting on the economy of countries and affecting the medical industry. The USA is probably the most overweight country in the world today. The medical world is finding on a daily basis just how dangerous and unhealthy it is to be overweight.  Here on this site we include overcoming issues like:

  • How to lose cellulite and belly fat Burn away fat with the Fat Burning Kitchen System
  • Weight Loss Motivation to lose fat system
  • Affirmations and Meditation
  • Tips and Advice on losing weight

To be successful at losing weight, one needs to be motivated and well directed. We talk about the first here in these pages. For the second you need to be involved or committed…. This means taking on a program or system and following it totally for a period to give it a chance to kick in:

Here we support the following WELL PROVEN systems:

  • 3 Week Diet
  • The Fat Burning System
  • The Venus Factor
  • The Fat Diminisher

These are available for basically the price of a burger and for this they give you a NEW LIFE and even a longer life!

Would you deny yourself that for such a low cost!  Also if you do not take on a definite program or strategy you are not going to make it!

Loose Jeans

So try at least ONE program as shown below!

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3 Week Diet System

3 week diet

How to lose weight in 21 days and keep it off

3 week diet system

fat diminisher system

Fat Dimisher

The Fat Burning System

Burn Off Excess Fat

Fat Burning Kitchen Diet Motivation